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Duke Economics Master's Programs

Duke Economics offers four distinct master’s programs, each designed to offer students the quantitative and analytical skills they need in preparation for doctoral programs and careers in economics, finance, and related fields.

Master of Arts in Economics

Master of Arts in Analytical Political Economy (MAPE)

Master of Science in Economics and Computation (MSEC)

Master of Statistical and Economic Modeling (MSEM)

Why Duke Economics?

Rigorous Quantitative Coursework

Our programs take a highly quantitative approach to economic theory, which helps to provide advanced analytical skills necessary for future economics-related jobs in academia, research, and the public and private sectors. A comprehensive volume of all courses offered in our department can be viewed in the Registrar’s Course Catalog.

Flexible Curriculum with an Interdisciplinary Approach

Students in our programs can customize their curriculum based on their own academic backgrounds and research interests. They have the opportunity to take courses in other departments and schools — such as Computer Science, Mathematics, Statistical Science, the Fuqua School of Business, the Law School, and the Nicholas School of the Environment — as well as collaborate with students and faculty across the social sciences.

Research Opportunities

Duke University is recognized as one of the premier research institutions and routinely ranks in the top of all U.S. universities in research expenditures. There are numerous research opportunities in which our students may engage, both within Economics as well as at other departments, schools, and on-campus research institutes

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