Duke Financial Economics Center

Corporate Valuation Seminar

Corporate Valuation

The following spreadsheets provide useful practice in corporate valuation (DCF, Comps, Precedent Transactions). Download the model and instructions, and work through them using the terminology slides for terms you are not familiar with. Then check your solutions against the sample solution spreadsheet provided. 

Training the Street Financial Valuation Seminar

Every year the DFE hosts a five-hour intensive valuation seminar provided by Training the Street, a leading Wall Street training firm.

Duke sophomores and juniors interested in pursuing internships in investment banking and capital markets are invited to this event to learn the fundamentals of popular valuation techniques used by Wall Street practitioners. The seminar addresses applications of key valuation concepts and techniques for reading the Wall Street Journal.

Training the Street valuation seminars have been offered to Duke undergraduates since 2004 and have been sponsored by either Bank of America or JP Morgan since 2006.