Duke Financial Economics Center

Steering Committee

The Duke Financial Economics Center Steering Committee was established in 2011 to provide important counsel on the direction and decisions of the DFE. 

The committee also participates in developing external relationships and promoting the DFE's mission of engaging with students, faculty, and alumni.

Current Steering Committee Members

Co-Chair: David Cohen '84, P'15, P'17
Co-Chair: David Topper '79, P'17
Co-Chair: James Zelter '84

Michael Alix '83
Merrick Axel '96
Robert Baynard '84
Rich Copans '98
C. Steven Duncker '80
Jeffrey Goettman '82
Arthur Gosnell P'14, P'15
Elizabeth Kojima '99
​Andor Lazlo '88
Donald Mulligan '83, P'14
Nancy Orr '94
David Posen '83, P'14
Stephen Potter '79, P'14
Richard Prager '81, P'08, P'10, P'12
Robert Probst '90
Christopher Ryan '83, P'15
David Smoot '91
Ethan Topper '86, P'19
​Meggan Zabel '93
Richard Zinman '82, P'13