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    Master's Class of 2015

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    Master's Class of 2015

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The Duke M.A. Difference

The variety of courses and opportunities available at Duke provided an excellent foundation for Ph.D.-level study. Without the mathematical rigor of the M.A. program, as well as the ability to take additional math classes outside of the department, I would not have been prepared for my doctoral coursework.             Adam Aiken (’05), Assistant Professor of Finance, Quinnipiac College

Master’s programs in economics vary widely. A common misconception is that M.A. programs either are consolation prizes for failing Ph.D. students or are “soft,” offering little more than advanced undergraduate coursework.

These stereotypes are dead wrong.

Duke’s master’s program in economics is designed to give students a quantitative approach to economics, but with enough flexibility to allow students to tailor their degree to fit future goals. It fills a wide range of needs, and produces graduates capable of applied research, financial analysis, or progression to doctoral study.

This is accomplished through rigorous core coursework in economics and flexibility in electives. In addition to taking a variety of master's-level courses, students are expected to enroll in a combination of doctoral-level courses in economics or graduate-level courses in political science, public policy, finance, statistics, and mathematics.

In addition to coursework, students are expected to produce a portfolio that showcases their accomplishments. This portfolio is composed of research papers, presentations and other professional documents produced during the course of study.

The Duke Economics M.A. program may be the best  of its kind — but we emphasize that there are many other outstanding programs as well, most with slightly different foci than ours. We take pride in recent graduates' placement and encourage you to apply.


Application Deadlines for Master's Program

Spring 2014 Admission - Application Deadline Oct. 15, 2013

Fall 2014 Admission - Application Deadline January 31, 2014.  However we strongly urge submission by January 16, 2014

Please visit the Graduate School's website for the online application and further instructions on the admissions process.

For admissions inquiries please contact:

, M.A. Program Assistant

, Director of Admissions

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M.A. Program Continues to Increase Diversity

Our recent admitted classes of master's students are diverse groups spanning various educational backgrounds, workplace experiences, and countries of origin. We have Master's students from the following countries: Azerbaijan, Bangladesh, Canada, China, Egypt, Germany, India, Indonesia, Nigeria, Norway, Pakistan, Paraguay, Republic of Korea, Russian Federation, Singapore, Thailand, United States of America and Vietnam. See a list of current students. We encouage students worldwide to apply to our program now.

Looking for an RA job?

Visit the Resources page for more information.

Recent Placements

Columbia University, Stanford University, London School of Business, Mathematica Policy Research as well as RBS Markets & International Banking are just a few of the organizations in which our graduates now work. See the full list of recent placements.

Featured News

Below you will find news stories related to our master's programs.

    • Tue Jan 28
    • Wharton Professor and Duke Alum on Value of MA Program
    • "I chose the Duke master’s program as a stepping stone to get a Ph.D.," shared Professor Dan Taylor (M.A.'05). "I knew that at Duke I would be able to acquire the tools and knowledge necessary to do research. Duke is a great place for students who have ability and talent and want to. . ." 

    • Thu Dec 26
    • Duke Alum and RPI Professor on the New MSEC Program
    • Lirong Xia completed an M.A. in economics in 2010 and a Ph.D. in computer science in 2011 at Duke. He is an Assistant Professor at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in Troy, NY. Xia recently shared his thoughts on the Master’s of Science in Economics and Computation. . . 

    • Thu Aug 22
    • MA Alumna Combines Love of Economics and the Environment
    • "What makes the Duke Econ program stand out is the flexibility for students to take interdisciplinary courses. I took many classes at the Nicholas School of the Environment in my second year . . . All these experiences have shaped my career path and led to where I am right now."

    • Wed Jul 24
    • New MA Program Structure Brings More Opportunities to Students
    • “These changes bring together our commitment to expand faculty involvement and student support, broaden research opportunities, and increase the number of teaching assistantships and other work opportunities for our MA students,” Department of Economics Chair Patrick Bayer explained. “This will in turn strengthen what is a unique feature of our program. . .

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