J.D./M.A. Track (Law & Economics)

The J.D./M.A. track is an interdisciplinary track in conjunction with the Duke Law School. Successful applicants complete both degrees in three years. This track is very flexible, but does require a strong foundation in core economic theory and modeling in microeconomics, macroeconomics and econometrics.

Students are encouraged to take courses that overlap economic and legal system concepts, such as game theory, industrial organization, and evaluation of public expenditures.

Example Schedule




Year 1


Laboratory Calculus II (MATH 32L)

Year 2

Microeconomics (ECON 601) and Competitive Strategy and Industry Organization (ECON 564)

Intermediate Finance (ECON 572), and Introduction to Econometrics (ECON 608D), and Econ Analysis of Development (PUBPOL382)

Year 3

Macroeconomic Theory (ECON 602), Political Economy of Growth, Stabilization, and Distribution (ECON 548S), and International Trade (ECON 555S)

Models or Conflict and Cooperation (ECON 367) and Micro Econ Policy Application (PUBPOL 311)

For more information on the law school's requirements check out their academics section.

Track Course Requirements

Course Required
Micro/Macro 3
Metrics 1
Math/Comp/Stat 2
Electives 4
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