Master’s of Science in Economics and Computation (MSEC) 

The MSEC degree is a joint master’s program of the Departments of Economics and Computer Science. The joint field of economics and computation has recently emerged from two converging intellectual needs, which has created the opportunity for a truly interdisciplinary program.

The MSEC program is the outcome of exciting developments across the two fields:

  • Computer science is becoming increasingly important for economists addressing complex questions on large repositories of data;

  • The explosion of computer uses in all areas of life has made it necessary for computer scientists to understand the economics of computing systems; and,

  • Computer scientists may now also analyze informational and financial transactions between people, businesses, governments, and electronic agents in economic terms. 

"Macroeconomic problems are almost always analytically intractable and therefore require a computer to solve ... Having a background in computer science made it much easier to learn (computational) methods, as well as apply cutting-edge advances in technology to economic problems."

David Klemish

"Tech giants such as Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, and Facebook are in many ways ahead of academia in getting computer scientists and economists to work together, and interest in these topics extends well beyond this group of companies. With this Master's program, Duke is at the forefront of catching up with industry in breaking down boundaries." 

Vince Conitzer
Department of Computer Science

Application Deadline

For Fall 2014: February 15, 2014

Charles Becker, MSEC Program Director

, MSEC Program Director

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