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    • Tue Feb 9
    • Using Price to Avoid Vaccine Shortages
    • No one worries about vaccine supply — until there's a shortage. New research from Professor David Ridley studied the market tensions that can keep manufacturers out of the business and the price points needed to entice them in. 

    • Thu Feb 4
    • In the Media: A Lottery to Lose
    • After Hurricane Katrina destroyed many schools in New Orleans, Louisiana undertook one of the country’s largest school-choice schemes. But the school vouchers that were meant to benefit disadvantaged students seem to be doing the opposite, according to a new paper by Professor Abdulkadiroglu and his co-authors.

    • Mon Jan 25
    • The DFE Announces Spring 2016 Finance Competitions
    • The Duke Financial Economics Center is excited to host three finance competitions for undergraduates this semester: the PEAK6 Business Strategy Competition in March, and the Morgan Stanley Equity Research Competition and the Deutsche Bank Finance Game Show in April. 

    • Thu Jan 21
    • In the Media: Exploring the Racial Imbalance of NC's Charter Schools
    • Helen Ladd, professor of public policy studies and economics, explains that the North Carolina charter schools have always been racially imbalanced and that it’s only gotten worse. More than two-thirds of charter school students attend schools that are either predominantly minority or predominantly white, according to a report she co-authored.

    • Mon Dec 21
    • Panhans and Singleton to Present Paper at the AEA Meeting
    • In a working paper they first released in May, Ph.D. students Matt Panhans and John Singleton sought to understand the shift toward empirical studies in economic research by examining the rise of quasi-experimental methods. Their research was a hit on SSRN and lit up the economics blogosphere. 

    • Fri Dec 18
    • In the Media: Actually, Scalia Had a Point
    • John McWhorter defends Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia's recent comments on black students, citing research by Professors Peter Arcidiacono and Joseph Hotz, with alumnus Esteban Aucejo, on undergraduate graduation rates for minority students in the STEM fields. 


Recent Faculty Books

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    • Thu Jul 17
    • Weintraub Completes History of Equilibrium Project
    • Students of economic theory may be familiar with Arrow-Debreu’s model of general equilibrium, but they likely have not given much thought to its history. Professor Weintraub has published a new book on three economists’ quests to prove the existence of competitive equilibrium. 


In Memoriam

    • Wed Oct 7
    • In Memoriam: Malcolm Gillis
    • Malcolm Gillis, the sixth president of Rice University, died Oct. 4 at age 74. He previously served at Duke University as dean of the faculty of arts and sciences (1991-1993), dean of the graduate school and vice provost for academic affairs (1986-1991), and professor in the Department of Economics (1967-1969, 1984-1993). 

    • Thu Jun 18
    • In Memoriam: Don Rose
    • The Duke University Department of Computer Science and members of the broader Duke community mourn the loss of Professor Donald J. Rose. Rose was an important proponent of interdisciplinary study at Duke and was the original inspiration for and driving force behind the MSEC program.

    • Fri May 6
    • Staff Member Catherine (Kate) Anderson Passes
    • Long-time Duke employee, Catherine (Kate) Anderson, passed away on April 24, surrounded by her family after a long illness. Kate worked in the Department of Economics for 12 years as Staff Assistant to Professors Henry Grabowski and George Tauchen and then provided support for the Graduate Student program and Thomas Nechyba when he was Chair. 

    • Wed Jan 19
    • Former Dept. Chair, Chancellor, Provost John Blackburn Passes
    • "It was Blackburn who saw the department, and then the university, through its demographic transition, and put it on track for ‘excellence,'" said Professor Roy Weintraub. "It was quite an accomplishment." During his long tenure at the university, Blackburn helped raise the stature of both Duke and the department.

    • Wed Oct 27
    • Professor Emeritus John Vernon Passed Away This Week
    • “John contributed his unique insights, enthusiasm and determination, and it was my good fortune to work with him on many interesting economic issues and policy problems," said friend and colleague Professor Henry Grabowski. "He will be remembered as an honest and compassionate colleague who was thoroughly devoted to the Department of Economics and his students for more than four decades at Duke.”

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