International Economics & Trade

In today’s global economy, trade between countries is more important than ever before. Trade economists study the patterns and effects of economic activity between different countries, such as the determinants of financial flows and exchange rates, the impact of tariff and non-tariff barriers on economic structures, and incentives for protectionist behavior. 

Associated Research Groups & Centers

Faculty In This Field

Tim Bollerslev

Juanita and Clifton Kreps Professor of Economics, in Trinity College of Arts and Sciences
(919) 660-1846

A. Craig Burnside

Professor of Economics
(919) 660-1808

Michelle P. Connolly

Professor of the Practice of Economics
(919) 660-1819

Cosmin L. Ilut

Assistant Professor of Economics
(919) 660-1817

Kent P. Kimbrough

Professor of Economics
(919) 660-1811

Lori Leachman

Professor of the Practice of Economics
(919) 660-6894

Edward Tower

Professor with Tenure
(919) 660-1818

Giovanni Zanalda

Associate Research Professor in the Social Science Research Institute
(919) 681-8376