In order to study complex topics, economists need a powerful set of mathematical tools that look to the data to uncover hidden answers. Econometricians — economists who apply mathematical and statistical methods to their work — at Duke are leaders in the development of such theoretical tools, applying them to research across many fields in the discipline.

Associated Research Groups & Centers

Faculty In This Field

Francesco Bianchi

Associate Professor of Economics
(919) 660-1828

Tim Bollerslev

Juanita and Clifton Kreps Professor of Economics, in Trinity College of Arts and Sciences
(919) 660-1846

Federico Bugni

Associate Professor of Economics
(919) 660-1887

V. Joseph Hotz

Arts and Sciences Professor of Economics
(919) 660-1841

Jia Li

Associate Professor of Economics

Matthew A Masten

Assistant Professor of Economics

Andrew J. Patton

Zelter Family Professor
(919) 660-1817

Adam M Rosen

Associate Professor of Economics

George E. Tauchen

William Henry Glasson Professor of Economics
(919) 660-1812

Xiao Yu Wang

Assistant Professor in the Department of Economics