Arseniy Yashkin

Research Scientist

Akushevich, I, Yashkin, AP, Kravchenko, J, Fang, F, Arbeev, K, Sloan, F, and Yashin, AI. "Theory of partitioning of disease prevalence and mortality in observational data." Theoretical population biology 114 (April 2017): 117-127. Full Text

Yashin, AI, Zhbannikov, I, Arbeeva, L, Arbeev, KG, Wu, D, Akushevich, I, Yashkin, A, Kovtun, M, Kulminski, AM, Stallard, E, Kulminskaya, I, and Ukraintseva, S. "Pure and Confounded Effects of Causal SNPs on Longevity: Insights for Proper Interpretation of Research Findings in GWAS of Populations with Different Genetic Structures." Frontiers in genetics 7 (January 2016): 188-.