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Curriculum Vitae

Curriculum Vitae


Juan F. Rubio-Ramirez is a full professor, with tenure, at Duke University. He joined the Duke economics department in 2006, when he also became a permanent visiting scholar for FRB Atlanta. Prior to obtaining these positions, Professor Rubio-Ramirez was an economist and associate policy advisor for FRB Atlanta from 2005-2006 and a research assistant at FRB Minneapolis from 2000-2001. He was a teaching assistant at the University of Minnesota from 1999-2000, and from the same university earned his Ph.D. in economics in 2001. 

Professor Rubio-Ramirez currently teaches graduate-level macroeconomic mainly on solution methods of dynamic equilibrium macroeconomic models and macroeconometrics and an undergraduate course on equilibrium macroeconomics. As a researcher, his projects generally focus on solving dynamic equilibrium macroeconomic models, time series econometrics, and macroeconometrics.

He has received several research grants, awarded by the National Science Foundation for 2007-2010, the BBVA Foundation for 2004-2005, and the University of Minnesota Supercomputer Institute for 2000-2003. His funded projects explored the areas of dynamic general equilibrium macroeconomic models, methods to solve them and also times series estimation methods. His work has been published within a number of academic journals as Econometrica, Review of Economic Studies, American Economic Review, Journal of Monetary Economics, Journal of Econometrics, Journal of Applied Econometrics, Journal Economics Dynamics and Control, and Review of Economic Dynamic.

Professor Rubio-Ramirez began his education in Spain, earning his M.Sc. in economics and finance from CEMFI, Madrid, in 1997, and his B.A. in economic from UAB, Barcelona, in 1995. He attended CEMFI with a scholarship, and was awarded the Bank of Spain Graduate Fellowship for 1997-2001.

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