• A. Craig Burnside
    • Professor and Chair
    • Burnside’s fields of specialization include macroeconomics and international finance. His recent research focuses on foreign exchange markets, empirical methods in finance, and the behavior of prices in housing markets.
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Associate Chair

    • Charles M. Becker
    • Research Professor of Economics and Slavic and Eurasian Studies and Associate Chair and Director of PhD Placement for Master's Program and Director of Graduate Studies of the MSEC Degree Program
    • Charles Becker is interested in exploring the economies of such countries as Kazakhstan, India, sub-Saharan Africa, Russia, and Kyrgyzstan. His research has focused on economic demography, social security system forecasting, CGE modeling, mortality and disability risk, determinants of health care utilization, computable general equilibrium simulation modeling, and urban economics. ...
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    • Emma Rasiel
    • Professor of the Practice and Director of Financial Education Partnership Program and Associate Chair and DGS of the MSQFE Degree Program
    • Professor Rasiel's primary area of interest is Behavioral Economics, with application to both finance and health care.
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    • Thomas J. Nechyba
    • Professor of Economics and Sanford School of Public Policy and Director of Social Science Research Institute and Bass Fellow and Director of EcoTeach
    • Professor Nechyba conducts his research within the fields of public finance, fiscal federalism, and the economics of education. His studies tend toward the investigation of function within local governments, public policy issues concerning disadvantaged families, and the economics behind primary and secondary education. He received funding for one of his latest projects, “An Empirical Investigation of Peer Effects in Schools and of Household Responses to School ...
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Director of Undergraduate Studies

    • Connel Fullenkamp
    • Professor of the Practice and Director of Undergraduate Studies
    • Professor Fullenkamp specializes in the investigation of financial market development and regulation of financial markets. His projects often involve the exploration of such variables as immigrant worker remittances, economic policy, and the development of countries. His completed papers have appeared in various leading academic journals, including ...
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Associate Director of Undergraduate Studies

    • Tracy Falba
    • Visiting Assistant Professor
    • Professor Falba's research focuses on the economics of addiction, retirement behavior and well-being, and the consequences and determinants of various health behaviors. Her studies have explored the roles of life events, family dynamics, and health changes on outcomes such as smoking, depression, and alcohol abuse. Many of her studies explore ...
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Director of Graduate Studies

    • Curtis R. Taylor
    • Professor and Director of Graduate Studies
    • Taylor's primary research interest  is microeconomic theory with emphasis on the areas of Industrial Organization, Political Economy, and the Theory of Contracts.  He has worked on a variety of topics such as: the optimal design of research contests, the causes and timing of market crashes, and consumer privacy. Professor Taylor's research has been supported by grants from the National Science Foundation, the U.S. Department of  Agriculture, and ...
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