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Ph.D. Program

One of the aspects I find attractive about the Duke program is that graduate students are given the opportunity to get involved in research early in their career; the department supports this through the allocation of numerous research assistant positions. - Christoph Bauner, (Ph.D., 2011)

Duke University offers a world-class doctoral program in Economics, featuring a vibrant faculty of exceptional scholars and teachers along with superior research facilities. The faculty is dedicated to anchoring all teaching and research firmly in the core disciplines of microeconomics, macroeconomics and econometrics. The first year of the program lays the critical foundation necessary for later work in field courses and dissertation-level research.

Learn how our doctoral program is different.

    • Joe Hotz working with Ph.D. student

Working Papers

Review the Economic Research Initiatives at Duke (ERID) working papers to see some of the most recent research coming out of the department. 


Visit our events area to see the many workshops and reading groups held by the Department of Economics. The events archives will show past events, speakers and topics. 

Ph.D. Program Contacts

Director of Graduate Studies

Director of PhD Placement

Graduate Studies Program Coordinator

Assistant to the Director of Graduate Studies, PhD

    • PhD Getting Diploma
    • Wed Mar 19
    • Cambridge Professor on Duke Economics Ph.D. Program
    • "I had a supportive team of advisors and mentors, with Thomas Nechyba as my primary advisor," said Cambridge Professor Jane Cooley Fruehwirth. "It's hard to imagine another place where I could have found more fertile ground for developing into a researcher."  

    • Mon Nov 11
    • Ph.D. Job Market Candidates
    • The Department of Economics has 17 Ph.D. students who will graduate this year. Specialities of this group include macroeconomics, applied microeconomics, econometrics, financial economics, labor economics, development economics, environmental economics, and industrial organization.  

    • Wed Oct 16
    • Ph.D. Student Ryan Brown Wins IPUMS-USA Research Award
    • This past summer economics Ph.D. student Ryan Brown received the Minnesota Population Center's 2012 IPUMS-USA Research Award for the "best published or unpublished work by a graduate student." Brown is an economics doctoral candidate in the Duke Population. . . 

    • Wed Sep 11
    • Cornell Professor on the Duke Economics Ph.D. Program
    • "During the past 10 years, Duke Economics has expanded its strength in many fields," said Cornell Professor Shanjun Li (Ph.D. '07). "I benefited from the growth while there, and I am glad to see that Duke has continued to be aggressive in hiring top researchers." 

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