Job Market Candidates 2013-14

Following are Duke Economics Ph.D. candidates seeking employment beginning Summer 2014.

ryan brown

Ryan Brown CV  Website  E-Mail
The Mexican Drug War and Early-Life Health: The Impact of Violent Crime
Field: Development Economics, Labor Economics, and Health Economics
References: Erica Field, Elizabeth Frankenberg, Seth Sanders, Duncan Thomas

gaberlia farfan

Gabriela Farfan CV  Website  E-Mail
Extended Families across Mexico and the United States
Field: Development Economics, Applied Microeconomics, Migration
References: Erica Field, V. Joseph HotzAlessandro TarozziDuncan Thomas

domenico f

Domenico Ferraro CV  Website  E-Mail
The Asymmetric Cyclical Behavior of the U.S. Labor Market
Field: Macroeconomics, International Economics
References: Francesco Bianchi, Craig Burnside, Nir Jaimovich, Pietro Peretto

weiwei hu 2013

Weiwei Hu CV  Website  E-Mail
Neighborhood Interactions and School Choices: Evidence from the New York City
Field: Applied Microeconomics, Labor, Economics of Education
References: Atila Abdulkadiroglu, Peter Arcidiacono, Parag Pathak

cy lee

Chung-Ying (CY) Lee CV  Website  E-Mail
A Welfare Analysis of Copay Coupons in Pharmaceuticals
Field: Industrial Organization, Applied Microeconomics
References: Wilfred Amaldoss, Peter Arcidiacono, Andrew Sweeting

lala ma

Lala Ma CV  Website  E-Mail
Learning in a Hedonic Framework: Valuing Brownfield Remediation
Field: Environmental Economics, Applied Microeconomics 
References:  Peter Arcidiacono, Patrick Bayer, V. Joseph HotzChristopher Timmins

deborah rho

Deborah Rho CV  Website  E-Mail
Immigrant Assimilation: The Role of the Firm
Field: Labor Economics, Applied Microeconomics, Economic Demography
References: V. Joseph Hotz, Marjorie McElroy, Katy Rouse, Seth Sanders

job mrkt 20130926 09

Teresa Romano CV  Website  E-Mail
Assessing the Effects of School Days and Absences on Test Score Performance
Field: Applied Microeconomics, Labor Economics, Economics of Education
References: Peter Arcidiacono, Hugh Macartney, Marjorie McElroy, Jennifer Platania

yair taylor

Yair Taylor CV  Website  E-Mail
Patent Breadth versus Length: An Examination of the Pharmaceutical Industry
Field: Industrial Organization, Applied Microeconomics, and Microeconomic Theory
References: Peter Arcidiacono, David Ridley, Andrew Sweeting

photo andrea crop 200x300

Andrea Velasquez CV  Website  E-Mail
The Economic Burden of Crime: Evidence from Mexico
Field: Development Economics, Applied Microeconomics, Labor Economics
References: Erica Field, Amar Hamoudi, Seth Sanders, Duncan Thomas

166713 job market012

Lai Xu CV Website E-Mail
Tail Risk and Equity Risk Premia
Field: Asset Pricing, Financial Econometrics, Time Series Econometrics
References: Tim Bollerslev, Andrew Patton, George Tauchen, Hao Zhou

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Prof. Chris Timmins
Ph.D. Job Placement Director
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