CEME 2018

2018 CEME conference: “Inference on Nonstandard Problems”

Cosponsored by NSF, NBER, and ERID.

Co-organized by Federico Bugni (Duke) and Andres Santos (UCLA).


Friday, September 7

8:20                Greenway Transit Shuttle 21C Museum Hotel to Duke University west campus bus loop.

8:30-9:00      Breakfast at Duke University: near SS 111

9:00-9:05      Opening words

9:05-10:50    Session I

  • Y. Sasaki: “A Practical Method of Estimation and Inference for Policy-Relevant Treatment Effects” (with T. Ura)
  • H. Xu: “Estimation of Treatment Effects under Endogenous Heteroskedasticity” (with J. Abrebaya)
  • K. Wuthrich: “Exact and Robust Inference for Synthetic Controls” (with V. Chernozhukov and Y. Zhu)

10:50-11:20 Coffee break

11:20-12:30 Session II

  • J. Li: “Uniform Nonparametric Series for Dependent Data with Application to the Search and Matching Model” (with Z. Liao)
  • J. Lee: “On LASSO for Predictive Regression” (with Z. Shi and Z. Gao)

12:30-2:00    Lunch at Duke University: near SS 111

2:00-3:10      Session III

  • S. Sheng: “Estimation of Social Interactions in Endogenous and Strategically Formed Networks” (with G. Ridder)
  • J. Tao: “A Semi-Nonparametric Estimator for Random Coefficient Logit Demand Models” (with Z. Lu and X. Shi)

3:10-4:00      Coffee break

4:00-5:10      Session IV

  • M. Farrell: “Coverage Error Optimal Confidence Bands” (with S. Calonico and M. Cattaneo)
  • A. McCloskey: “Inference on Winners” (with I. Andrews and T. Kitagawa)

5:30                Greenway Transit Shuttle Duke University west campus bus loop to 21C Museum Hotel.

6:30                Dinner at Rue Cler: 401 E Chapel Hill Street, Durham. (By invitation only.)


Saturday, September 8

8:20                Greenway Transit Shuttle 21C Museum Hotel to Duke University west campus bus loop.

8:30-9:00      Breakfast

9:00-10:10    Session V       

  • P. Sant’Anna: “Program Evaluation with Right-Censored Data”
  • R. Liu: “Simple Semiparametric Estimation of Ordered Response Models: With an Application to the Interdependent Durations Model” (with Z. Yu)

10:10-10:50 Coffee break

10:50-12:00 Session VI

  • A. Maurel: "Testing Rational Expectations using Data Combination" (with X. D'Haultfeouille)
  • M. Masten: “Identification of Treatment Effects with Partially Invalid Instruments” (with A. Poirier)

12:00-12:05 Closing words

12:05-2:00    Lunch: near SS 111



Federico Bugni (co-organizer, Duke)
Max Farrell (Chicago Booth)
Bruce Hansen (Wisconsin)
Bo Honore (Princeton)
JiHyung Lee (Illinois)
Jia Li (Duke)
Zhipeng Liao (UCLA)
Ruixuan Liu (Emory)
Matthew Masten (Duke)
Adam McCloskey (Brown)
Alexandre Poirier (Georgetown)
Andres Santos (co-organizer, UCLA)
Yuya Sasaki (Vanderbilt)
Pedro Sant'Anna (Vanderbilt)
Shuyang Sheng (UCLA)
Jing Tao (U. Washington)
Kaspar Wuthrich (UCSD)
Haiqing Xu (UT Austin)


Lodging & Directions

21C Museum Hotel, (919) 956-6700

Conference Location
Social Sciences 113, Duke West Campus