Center for the History of Political Economy

The Duke Center for the History of Political Economy (CHOPE) is an interdisciplinary effort supporting research and scholarship in the history of economics. While its home is in the Department of Economics, the center draws intellectually from scholarship in related fields such as political science, philosophy, history of science, and intellectual history more broadly. CHOPE sponsors visiting scholars and postdoctoral fellows working on the history of political economy, as well as conferences and lectures series.

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Duke Financial Economics Center

The Duke Financial Economics Center (DFE) has a global, interdisciplinary approach to issues and applications of finance in today's world, with an eye to both educational and career opportunities. The DFE's goals are to broaden the range of finance courses and research opportunities to Duke students, to continue to hire world-renowned faculty in financial economics, and to increase opportunities for active engagement between Duke students, faculty, and alumni.

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EcoTeach Center

The Economics Center for Teaching (EcoTeach) cultivates and stewards student education, personal growth, and professional development. EcoTeach staff work to optimize student experiences by providing educational guidance, helping them navigate within and beyond the department, creating the capacity for faculty to focus on teaching and mentoring, and maintaining a healthy, welcoming environment. 

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Associated Centers & Institutes

Leadership for several university and multi-university research centers and groups is provided by Duke Economics faculty members: 

Center for European Studies (Neil De Marchi, Co-Director)

CES is a National Resource Center on Western Europe and one of 10 official European Union Centers in the United States. The Center's goal is to ensure that faculty, students, and the larger community have access to the finest scholarship and the most current resources on modern Europe.

Center for Health Policy, Health Inequalities Program (Kathryn Whetten, Director)

CHPIR specializes in interdisciplinary research, and is dedicated to contributing to evidence-based health policy decisions at every level of the health care system.

Duke Global Health Institute (Mike Merson, Director)

DGHI works to reduce health disparities in our local community and worldwide. DGHI brings together interdisciplinary teams to solve complex health problems and to train the next generation of global health scholars.

Duke Population Research Institute (Seth Sanders, Director)

DuPRI has been created to bring together the many faculty and post-doctoral researchers at Duke who are already involved in innovative interdisciplinary population research investigations.

Social Science Research Institute (Thomas Nechyba, Director)

SSRI is the interdisciplinary social science research institute of Duke University. Its core mission is to catalyze pioneering social science research and methods across the social and behavioral sciences.

Triangle Research Data Center (Gale Boyd, Director)

TRDC is a partnership between the U.S. Census Bureau and Duke University in cooperation with the The University of North Carolina System and Research Triangle Institute (RTI). Under this partnership, the Census Bureau allows qualified researchers to perform statistical analysis on selected internal non-public microdata from the Census Bureau's economic and demographic censuses and surveys via two secure computer laboratories located at either Duke and RTI.