Shakespeare and Markets


In this course, we will discuss how lessons from Shakespeare's plays can provide insight into human behavior in today's financial markets as well as other marketplaces, such as ones for ideas, politics, policy and technology. Plays will include The Tempest, Julius Caesar, As You Like It, and others. We will draw lessons about policy errors, cultural and political dislocation, regime changes, demographic conflicts etc. in current financial, political and macroeconomic environments. We will also talk about human biases in decision-making, and how these transcend cultural and historic
boundaries. An important component of this class is learning how to integrate themes from classical literature to better understand past & current socioeconomic trends. An example is technology’s crucial role in human innovation and it’s relation to risk-taking. At the core, this class is about the human decision-making process and the behavioral, cultural and economic factors that influence it.

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