Diversity Outreach

One of the DFE's goals is to increase opportunities for all undergraduates to learn more about the financial markets, regardless of gender, ethnic group, and academic major. Additionally, Wall Street is eager to attract diverse recruits, as women, African Americans, and Latinas/os are significantly underrepresented among finance professionals. The DFE offers a number of events that help students of diverse backgrounds prepare for the finance arena:

  • During the fall semester, the DFE runs an evening event for minority students, targeted at freshmen and sophomores. Participants from earlier years' minority programs are active participants in both the marketing and programming of this event.
  • The DFE also partners each fall with Kappa Alpha Psi, a black fraternity, to host their annual “Minorities on Wall Street” panel event. This event typically attracts attendance of more than 60 students, with representatives from several investment banks.
  • The DFE hosts a series of discussion group meetings in the fall for minorities from all classes, from first-years to seniors.

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Diversity Internship Opportunities in Finance