Lunch & Networking Program

In DFE's lunch & networking sessions, finance professionals present to a group of 20-40 students on their firm's organizational structure, work culture, and recruiting process. Time is also allotted for one-on-one interaction after the presentation and Q&A.

For students, attending multiple lunch & networking sessions provides a perspective on the differences between firms as potential employers. It also helps build connections to people in the industry, many of whom are alumni with enthusiasm for helping other Dukies break into finance careers.

Lunch & networking sessions typically run 60-90 minutes. The presenting firm covers the cost of lunch, while DFE books a room, markets to students, manages registration, and arranges the catering. For firms that are not DFE sponsors, lunch & networking sessions can only be scheduled in the spring semester.

Students interested in being invited to DFE lunch & networking sessions should sign up for the DFE Email List.

2018-19 Lunch & Networking Hosts

Grant Tolson & Vadim Leonov (RBC)
Jim Grien (TM Capital)
Steve Potter & Will Bobrinskoy (Northern Trust)
Charles Froeb & Justin Nunez (TPG)
Lauren Haymond, Robert Ruckman & Brandon Trama (Castleton Commodities International)
John Ladany, Madhav Shekhar & Kathryn Lowry (Citi)
Eric Medow, Andrew Yearley, Derek Chait, Matt Schorr, Kevin Hatch, Max Moehlmann, Abby Gay, Hailey Foreman & John Volquez (Lazard)
John Abrams (Deutsche Bank)

DFE Lunch & Networking Program