Student Advisory Committee

In fall 2018, the DFE convened a student advisory committee of Duke undergraduates. Meeting on a monthly basis, the committee provides a student perspective on current DFE programs, including how they can be enhanced and effectively promoted to have the widest possible reach. In addition, the input of the Student Advisory Committee is crucial in developing new DFE programming that is responsive to students’ evolving needs in their pursuit of finance education and careers. The members of the committee have all been participants in DFE programs.

2019-2020 DFE Student Advisory Committee Members

Gianni Affi '22
Victoria Bevard '21
William Bradley '22
Tassilo Corsi '20
Emma DeRose '21
Nick Hibshman '20
Veronica Hineman '22
Karam Katariya '20
Sophia Li '22
Claire Neushul '22
Abby Sparrow '20
Tina Tian '20
Tom Wanty II '20