Update on International Travel and Visa Issues

Thursday, June 4, 2020
Typewriter with the word "update" on paper

Duke University and Duke Economics are aware of the US Government actions regarding students from China, particularly regarding visas for students who have studied, researched or were employed at universities in China that support the country’s “military-civil fusion strategy (MCF),” or who are studying in certain STEM fields.   We understand that, in any case, travel restrictions in both China and the US will continue to pose problems for students this fall, including the announcement that the US Government is banning Chinese airlines from flying to the US in retaliation for a similar ban on US airlines by China. We know this could have an impact on other countries as well.

As this situation is evolving quickly, we recommend looking at the Graduate School updates as well as subscribing to the Duke in DC Digest. Office of Government Relations is monitoring and reporting developments regularly, and provides updates several times a week. Of course, there is also the Duke Coronavirus Response page.

Duke is very active on this issue with policymakers, other universities, the business community and our associations and lobbyists in DC.  It is a very dynamic environment which includes a fair amount of conjecture and misinformation, so we encourage everyone to be careful about acting on information or requests that don’t come from reliable sources. 

Thank you for your patience and understanding as we navigate this.