Gale Allen Boyd

Gale Allen Boyd

Associate Research Professor in the Social Science Research Institute

External Address: 
261 Gross Hall, Box 90989, Durham, NC 27708
(919) 660-6892

Gale Boyd is an Associate Research Professor in the Social Science Research Institute, Department of Economics, and Network Faculty Member of the Energy Initiative at Duke University. He is the Director of the Triangle Federal Statistical Research Data Center; conducting research using confidential data collected by the U.S. Federal Statistical System for almost 30 years.  Prior to joining Duke University, Gale was an economist at Argonne National Laboratory. His career has been primarily in industrial energy/environmental economics. 

Recent studies include using the non-public Census micro-data and other non-pubic data from industry and trade associations on energy, environmental, and productivity related issues for industrial energy efficiency and related energy/environmental policy research. Recent research includes preparing statistical benchmarks of energy performance in manufacturing plants, or Energy Performance Indicators (EPI), is supported by the EPA ENERGY STAR program and is used by industry for energy management and public recognition from ENERGY STAR.  Studies of the implications and causes of industry energy and total factor productivity distributions on management practices and environmental policy are in progress.


  • Ph.D., Southern Illinois University 1984

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Selected Grants

Building Energy Efficiency in the U.S. Industrial Sector awarded by (Principal Investigator). 2007 to 2016