Gianni Toniolo

Gianni Toniolo

Research Professor Emeritus of Economics

External Address: 
419 Chapel Drive, Soc Sc Build 213, Durham, NC 27708
Internal Office Address: 
Box 90097, Durham, NC 27708-0097
(919) 660-1855

Professor Toniolo specializes in the field of European economic history in the 19th and 20th Centuries. He is interested in exploring European economic growth, international monetary cooperation, financial history and distribution of welfare and income over the last two centuries. His latest projects include the titles, “A Benevolent Industrial Revolution?” and “The Gold Standard: Commit or Shadow?” Other titles of his more recent published papers are, “The Global Economy in the 1990s. A Long-run Perspective” with P. Rhode; “Central Banking Cooperation at the Bank for International Settlements;” “The European Economy Between the Wars” with C. Feinstein and P. Temin; and others.

He has also written several books on similar subjects, including Central Bank Cooperation at the Bank for International Settlements, Patterns of European Industrialization: the Nineteenth Century with R. E. Sylla, The Global Economy in the 1990s, A Long-run Perspective, and The European Economy Between the Wars with C. Feinstein and P. Temin.

Professor Toniolo is currently continuing his research on the study of industrialization during the “first globalization,” European economic development from 1800-present, post-unification Italy, and the general history of money, central banking, and financial markets and institutions.

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