Kyle Jurado

Kyle Jurado

Assistant Professor of Economics

External Address: 
222 Social Sciences, Box 90097, Durham, NC 27708
Internal Office Address: 
Box 90097, Durham, NC 27708

Kyle Jurado joined the Department of Economics from Columbia University, where he earned his Ph.D. in economics. His research interests include business cycles, monetary policy, and asset pricing. His recent work focuses on how changes in people’s beliefs about the future can help explain their actions.


  • Ph.D., Columbia University 2015

Jurado, K, Ludvigson, SC, and Ng, S. "Measuring Uncertainty." American Economic Review 105, no. 3 (March 2015): 1177-1216. Full Text

Chahrour, R, and Jurado, KE. News or Noise? The Missing Link. September 7, 2016. Open Access Copy