Randall Kramer

Randall Kramer

Professor of Economics

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9 Circuit Drive, 4115 Environment Hall, Durham, NC 27708
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Box 90328, Durham, NC 27708-0328
(919) 613-8072

Randall Kramer is the Juli Plant Grainger Professor of Global Environmental Health in the Nicholas School of the Environment and deputy director of the Duke Global Health Institute. 

Before coming to Duke in 1988, he was on the faculty at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University. He has held visiting positions at IUCN--The World Conservation Union, the Economic Growth Center at Yale University, and the Indonesian Ministry of Forestry. He has served as a consultant to the World Bank, World Health Organization and other international organizations. He was named Duke University's Scholar Teacher of the Year in 2004.

Kramer's research is focused on the economics of ecosystem services and on global environmental health. He is currently conducting a study on the effects of human land use decisions on biodiversity, infectious disease transmission and human health in rural Madagascar. Recent research projects have used decision analysis and implementation science to evaluate the health, social and environmental impacts of alternative malaria control strategies in East Africa. He has also conducted research on health systems strengthening, economic valuation of lives saved from air pollution reduction. and the role of ecosystems services in protecting human health.


  • Ph.D., University of California at Davis 1980
  • M.E., North Carolina State University 1976
  • A.B., University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill 1975

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Selected Grants

One Health Innovation Fellowships for Zoonotic Disease Research in Mongolia awarded by National Institutes of Health (Advisor). 2013 to 2019

Duke University Program in Environmental Health awarded by National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (Mentor). 2013 to 2019

Implementation Science to Optimize Malaria Vector Control and Disease Management awarded by National Institutes of Health (Principal Investigator). 2010 to 2015

Developing an Interdisciplinary Graduate Curriculum in Global Health awarded by National Institutes of Health (Course Faculty). 2008 to 2012

Eisenhower Graduate Fellowship - Career in Transportation awarded by Department of Transportation (Principal Investigator). 2009 to 2010

Doctoral Dissertation Research:"Estimating the Costs of an Epidemiological Externality: Malaria Control in Uganda" awarded by National Science Foundation (Principal Investigator). 2009 to 2010

Biodiversity Conservation, Food Production and Poverty Alleviation in Post-conflict Uganda: Developing a Policy Relevant awarded by Josiah Charles Trent Memorial Foundation (Principal Investigator). 2009 to 2010