Macroeconomics & Finance

How can we model growth in a global economy with many nonlinear and dynamic relationships? Macroeconomics helps provide answers to large-scale economic issues that can have a global impact by looking at governments, industries, central banking, and business cycles. Similarly, the ability to understand and interpret market volatility has become crucial to accurately assessing the health of an economy, and many macroeconomists also work on topics closely related to financial economics. Faculty overlap and connections in the Department of Economics and Fuqua School of Business are reflective of the close ties between the two fields.

Associated Research Groups & Centers


Faculty In This Field

Ravi Bansal

J.B. Fuqua Professor of Business Administration in the Fuqua School of Business
(919) 660-7758

Francesco Bianchi

Associate Professor of Economics
(919) 660-1828

Tim Bollerslev

Juanita and Clifton Kreps Professor of Economics, in Trinity College of Arts and Sciences
(919) 660-1846

A. Craig Burnside

Professor of Economics
(919) 660-1808

Wilbur John Coleman

Professor of Business Administration
(919) 660-7962

Michelle P. Connolly

Professor of the Practice of Economics
(919) 660-1819
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Robert F. Conrad

Associate Professor in the Sanford School of Public Policy
(919) 613-7355

Connel Fullenkamp

Professor of the Practice of Economics
(919) 660-1843

Kevin Douglas Hoover

Professor of Economics
(919) 660-1800

David A. Hsieh

Bank of America Professor of Business Administration in the Fuqua School of Business
(919) 660-7779

Cosmin L. Ilut

Assistant Professor of Economics
(919) 660-1817

Kyle Jurado

Assistant Professor of Economics

Kent P. Kimbrough

Professor of Economics
(919) 660-1811

Lori Leachman

Professor of the Practice of Economics
(919) 660-6894

Aino Levonmaa

Assistant Professor of the Practice of Economics
(919) 660-1800

Jia Li

Associate Professor of Economics

Marjorie B. McElroy

Professor of Economics
(919) 660-1840

Andrew J. Patton

Zelter Family Professor
(919) 660-1817

Pietro F. Peretto

Professor of Economics
(919) 660-1807

Adriano A. Rampini

William and Sue Gross Professor of Financial Economics
(919) 660-7797

Emma Rasiel

Professor of the Practice of Economics
(919) 660-1837

George E. Tauchen

William Henry Glasson Professor of Economics
(919) 660-1812

Edward Tower

Professor with Tenure
(919) 660-1818

S. Viswanathan

F.M. Kirby Professor of Investment Banking in Fuqua School of Business
(919) 660-7784

Brian M Weller

Assistant Professor of Economics
(919) 660-1720