Microeconomic Theory

Microeconomic theorists create models that apply rigorous mathematical reasoning to economic and social contexts in order to examine the behaviors of individuals and firms. Microeconomic theorists in the Department of Economics, as well as those at the Fuqua School of Business, study such diverse topics as mechanism and market design, oligopolistic competition, social and economic networks, and individual and collective decision-making.

Faculty In This Field

Dan Ariely

James B. Duke Professor of Behavioral Economics

Vincent Conitzer

Kimberly J. Jenkins University Professor of New Technologies
(919) 660-6503

Rachel Kranton

James B. Duke Professor of Economics
(919) 660-1800

Tracy R. Lewis

Martin L. Black, Jr. Professor of Business Administration in Fuqua School of Business
(919) 660-7983

Giuseppe Lopomo

Professor of Business Administration
(919) 660-7820

Leslie M. Marx

Robert A. Bandeen Professor of Business Administration
(919) 660-7762

David McAdams

Professor of Business Administration
(919) 660-7926

Philipp Sadowski

Associate Professor of Economics
(919) 660-1817

Todd Sarver

Associate Professor of Economics
(919) 660-1855

Curtis R. Taylor

Professor of Economics
(919) 660-1827

Xiao Yu Wang

Assistant Professor in the Department of Economics

Huseyin Yildirim

Professor of Economics
(919) 660-1805