Kent P. Kimbrough

Kent P. Kimbrough

Professor of Economics

External Address: 
227 Soc Sci Bldg, Durham, NC 27708
Internal Office Address: 
Box 90097, Durham, NC 27708-0097
(919) 660-1811

Professor Kimbrough specializes in the fields of macroeconomics and international economics. His latest research explores the revenue maximizing inflation rate, optimal taxes and tariffs in the presence of private information, the welfare costs of inflation, and interest rate rules and uniqueness in the presence of transactions costs. In prior work he has investigated the macroeconomic effects of trade policy, the impact of bilateral tariffs, foreign exchange controls and capital controls, the real effects of inflation, optimal taxation and Friedman’s rule, and the information content of prices and the role of monetary policy. His most recent published work investigates “Optimal Taxes and Tariffs with Private Information” and “Revenue Maximizing Inflation.” His earlier work explored such subjects as “Price, Output, and Exchange Rate Movements in the Open Economy,” “Aggregate Information and the Role of Monetary Policy in an Open Economy,” “Foreign Aid and Optimal Fiscal Policy,” “An Investigation in the Theory of Foreign Exchange Controls,” “The Optimum Quantity of Money Rule in the Theory of Public Finance,” and “Tax Regimes, Tariff Revenues, and Government Spending.”


  • Ph.D., The University of Chicago 1980
  • M.A., The University of Chicago 1978
  • B.A., Wake Forest University 1976

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