• Diversity in Higher Education
  • In the Media: A Lottery to Lose
  • After Hurricane Katrina destroyed many schools in New Orleans, Louisiana undertook one of the country’s largest school-choice schemes. But the school vouchers that were meant to benefit disadvantaged students seem to be doing the opposite, according to a new paper by Professor Abdulkadiroglu and his co-authors. Read More
    • Peak6 Competition 2015
  • The DFE Announces Spring 2016 Finance Competitions
  • The Duke Financial Economics Center is excited to host three finance competitions for undergraduates this semester: the PEAK6 Business Strategy Competition in March, and the Morgan Stanley Equity Research Competition and the Deutsche Bank Finance Game Show in April.  Read More
    • helen ladd
  • In the Media: Exploring the Racial Imbalance of NC's Charter Schools
  • Helen Ladd, professor of public policy studies and economics, explains that the North Carolina charter schools have always been racially imbalanced and that it’s only gotten worse. More than two-thirds of charter school students attend schools that are either predominantly minority or predominantly white, according to a report she co-authored. Read More

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