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  • Duke Team Wins $10,000 in Atlanta Hedge Fund Challenge
  • On March 27, three Duke students’ alternative investment idea paid off big, $10,000 big. Evans (’14), Gamret (’14), and Koorbusch (’15) won the Atlanta Hedge Fund Challenge by presenting the idea of buying out student loans in exchange for a percentage of their future earnings.    Read More
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    • A student presentation from the 2013 Undergraduate Research Symposium
    • Undergraduate Honors Symposium 2011
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  • 2014 Honors Program Research Events
  • The Honors Program will hold two upcoming events to showcase the research of some of our top undergraduates in the Department of Economics. All faculty and students are welcome to join in these activities to discuss new work on many different topics and to support. . . Read More
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  • Cambridge Professor on Duke Economics Ph.D. Program
  • "I had a supportive team of advisors and mentors, with Thomas Nechyba as my primary advisor," said Cambridge Professor Jane Cooley Fruehwirth. "It's hard to imagine another place where I could have found more fertile ground for developing into a researcher."   Read More

Weekly Events Apr 20 – Apr 26

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