Student Activities

The DFE hosts a variety of academic and extracurricular programs to increase opportunities for Duke students, alumni, and faculty to engage with one another in the area of financial education.


Each extracurricular educational competition is sponsored by a financial firm and open to all Duke sophomores on campus, regardless of major. Students must be on campus to participate.

Diversity Reading Group

In the spring semester, DFE Executive Director John Caccavale leads biweekly meetings for students of diverse backgrounds and levels of experience with finance to discuss the markets and current global events affecting them. This activity is part of DFE's Eichel Finance Advising Network's Diversity Initiatives.

Dzialga Women in Finance Initiative

DFE's Dzialga Fellows engage in mentoring, skills training, faculty advising, and networking opportunities from sophomore to senior year.

Lunch & Learn Program

This program is designed for Duke alumni and supporters to engage with a small group of students over an informal lunch. Hosts discuss their career trajectory, current work, and offer candid perspectives on the finance industry.

Lunch & Networking Program

Finance professionals present to a group of 20-40 students on their firms' organizational structure, work culture, and recruiting process.

January Mock Interview Days

*On hiatus in 2021* This two-day, pre-spring semester program brings 40 Wall Street professionals to campus for an intensive schedule of mock interviews with over 100 sophomores. January Mock Interview Days is open to all Duke sophomores, regardless of academic major.

Koru Mindfulness offered by DFE

DFE sponsors mindfulness classes to help students learn effective stress management skills and support their wellbeing.


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