The DFE aspires to broaden the opportunities for all Duke students to learn about the many different aspects of the financial markets in an extracurricular setting. Each educational competition is sponsored by a financial firm. The competitions begin early in the spring and are open to all Duke sophomores on campus, regardless of major. Students must be on campus to participate.

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Upcoming Competitions


Spring 2017 Morgan Stanley Trading Game

The Trading Game, sponsored by Morgan Stanley, enables students to learn about trading, portfolio management, and risk and return by trading a portfolio of global securities throughout the spring semester. Game participants gain intimate knowledge of the movements of major financial markets and experience the thrills and spills of developing losing and winning trading strategies. Students who are considering applying for summer finance internships will find the Trading Game helpful as a way to get in the practice of watching the markets. All Duke sophomores are eligible to participate. Via the Stockfuse online platform, the Trading Game runs from January to April.

Congratulations to our 2017 winners:

Month 1: Fran L’Esperance
Month 2: Davis George
Month 3: Coleman Kraemer
Overall Winner: Mitchell Parekh


Spring 2017 Goldman Sachs Trade Pitch Competition

This spring the DFE hosted a trade pitch competition with sponsor Goldman Sachs. The main objective was for students to learn how to create and justify a trade idea on behalf of a hedge fund. Sophomores from all majors were invited to participate.

Congratulations to our winners!

First Place: Brad Comisar, Jake Diamantis, Chip Stern
Second Place: Steve Ai, Kevin Bhimani, Alex Gerrese
Third Place: Julia Li, Courtney Schwartz, Leah Tobin
Honorable Mention: Ben Ezroni, Ed Paranjpe, Ben Yang


Spring 2017 Morgan Stanley Stock Pitch Competition

In March Morgan Stanley and the DFE invited Duke sophomores to participate in the Stock Pitch Competition. Students in teams of two presented a "long" or "short" investment thesis on the stock of their choice. The following teams were deemed to have the most compelling ideas by a panel of Morgan Stanley judges:

First Place: Erik Hanson and Francis L’Esperance
Second Place: Ben Ezroni and Ed Paranjpe
Third Place: Brian Jiang and Courtney Schwartz


Spring 2017 Deutsche Bank Game Show

For the seventh consecutive year, Deutsche Bank sponsored an on-campus University Challenge-style game show competition for Duke sophomores. Twelve teams of students answered quiz questions pulled from a range of business- and finance-related categories. Preparation for the Game Show was valuable to students planning to interview for finance internships in the fall.

The winning team was D.B. Coopers: Francis L'Esperance, Erik Hanson, Erik Reiss, and Justin LoTurco. They competed against the Finance Bois, Austin Liang, Brandon Foreman, Alex Salas, and Matt Michelson, in the final round.


Spring 2017 BlackRock Asset Allocation Competition

The Asset Allocation Competition, sponsored by BlackRock, is intended to help students learn more about the portfolio allocation process. The spring 2017 competition took place in April and required participants to imagine themselves as portfolio managers for an asset management firm that offers a range of investment funds for many different types of individuals and institutions. Their goal was to meet or exceed a target rate of return, ideally with as low volatility as possible.

The competition was open to all sophomores. The top ten teams presented to a panel of BlackRock representatives and enjoyed a networking reception afterward.

Congratulations to the winning team: Rohan Kothari, Alan Khaykin, and Qusai Hussain.