Job Market Placements

Initial Preparation

Duke Economics students' preparation for the job market begins early and extends well beyond authoring a job market paper. As early as the third year, students are encouraged to present papers, including their own preliminary research, in departmental seminars. Students present their job market papers again in a formal departmental seminar at the end of the fourth year. Faculty and students from a variety of disciplines are encouraged to attend. Faculty from outside the candidate's field of interest challenge the student to consider new perspectives and address potential obstacles. In the fall of the fifth year students are provided assistance creating professional web pages and polishing curricula vitae. Students present their final job market papers once more in departmental seminars and begin responding to calls for applications. As the annual American Economic Association conference approaches at the beginning of the new year, students participate in two mock interviews, the final stage of job market preparation. Throughout the process the department's faculty job placement director acts as a secondary advisor to the candidates, with particular emphasis on issues related to the job market.


Click on the dates below to see positions of our doctoral graduates for that year.

Name Position Institution
Michael Boutros Senior Economist Bank of Canada
Jackson Bunting Assistant Professor Texas A&M
Elessar Chen Economist Associate

JPMorgan Chase & Co.

Tiancheng Chen Economist Amazon
Craig Fratrik Economist


Attila Gyetvai Research Economist Bank of Portugal
Taehoon Kim Associate Researcher Korea Institute for Industrial Economics and Trade
Andrea Kiss Postdoctoral Fellow Carnegie Mellon
Jonathan Moreno Medina Assistant Professor University of Texas at San Antonio
Dieu Linh Nguyen Data Scientist II Uber
Leonardo Salim Saker Chaves Senior Data Scientist Moody's Analytics
Vytautas Valaitis

Max-Webber Fellow (2021-2022)

Lecturer (Starting Fall 2022)

European University Institute (2021-2022)

University of Surrey (Starting Fall 2022)

Alessandro Villa Economist Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago
Andrew Vollmer Economist U.S. Department of Justice
Qiushi Zhang Assistant Professor School of Banking and Finance at the University of International Business and Economics
Name Position Institution
Yanyou Chen Assistant Professor University of Toronto
Jiayun Dong Data Scientist Airbnb
Daniel Garrett Assistant Professor* Wharton, Finance Department 
Amanda Grittner Economist Abt Associates
Benjamin Heebsh Economist Federal Trade Commission
Joshua Jacobs Lecturer University of Washington
Zhao Liu Assistant Professor Warwick Business School
Zachary Nolan Assistant Professor of Marketing University of Delaware
Rudolf-Harri Oberg Assistant Professor Deakin Business School, Department of Marketing
Andrey Ordin Assistant Professor University of Texas-Austin, Finance
Rachel Sayers Senior Research Analyst AidData
Guilherme Salomé Data Scientist Eli Lilly
Wen Wang Assistant Professor Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
Mingzhe Yi Investment Strategies Researcher Dimensional Fund Advisors
Chuhang Yin Geissler Economist Bates White Economic Consulting
Congshan Zhang Research Scientist Facebook

*beginning 2021 

Name Position Institution
Yilin Jiang Associate McKinsey & Company
Kate Maxwell Koegel Associate Cornerstone Research
Gábor Nyéki Postdoctoral Scholar Princeton/African School of Economics
Thomas Polley Associate Analysis Group
Javier Romero Haaker Young Professional World Bank
Eugene Tan Assistant Professor University of Toronto (Rotman)
Mengke Wang Lecturer University of Sydney
Laurel Wheeler Assistant Professor University of Alberta, Economics Department
Maria Zhu Assistant Professor Syracuse University, Economics Department
Name Position Institution
Volodymyr Baranovskyi Postdoctoral Associate University of Rochester,  Wallis Institute of Political Economy
Soroush Ghazi Assistant Professor University of Alabama, Culverhouse College of Commerce
Adam Bergeron Senior Associate PwC
Linxi Chen Quantitative Researcher BlackRock
Vasco de Castro Botelho Economist European Central Bank
Paul Eliason Assistant Professor Brigham Young University, Economics Department
Margaux Luflade Assistant Professor University of Pennsylvania, Economics Department
Elisa Maffioli Assistant Professor University of Michigan, School of Public Health
Jose Alejandro Martinez Economist Inter-American Development Bank
Catherine Moon Economist Keystone Strategy
Andrew Steck Assistant Professor University of Toronto Mississauga, Rotman School of Business
Gina Turrini CDC Prevention Effectiveness Fellow  Department of Health and Human Services
Xiaohua Wu Visiting Professor University of Indiana, Kelley School of Business
Yuan Xue Data Scientist Quora
Su Zhang Associate Analysis Group
Name Position Institution
Hasan Arik Senior Consultant Ernst & Young
Luis Candelaria Barrera Assistant Professor University of Warwick
Robert Davies Economist Amazon
Xiaomin Fu Economist Amazon
Olga Kozlova Associate Analysis Group
Marat Kussainov Assistant Vice President Citi Bank
Milenka Moschella Senior Researcher Central Bank of Peru
Fu Ouyang Assistant Professor Nankai University-School of Finance
Matthew Panhans Economist Federal Trade Commission
Tyler Ransom Assistant Professor University of Oklahoma
Christopher Roark Lecturer University of Chicago
Alex Robinson Associate Analysis Group
Eli Sellinger-Liebman Assistant Professor University of Georgia
John Singleton Assistant Professor University of Rochester
Tedi Skiti Research Assistant Professor Temple University-Fox School of Business
Bingzhi Zhao Associate Quantitative Researcher Numeric Investors
Name Position Institution
Brian Clark Economist Federal Trade Commission
Eduardo Jardim Economist Amazon
Aaron Kolb Assistant Professor Indiana University, Kelley School of Business
Roman Levkin Economist Amazon
Pamela Medina Quispe Assistant Professor University of Toronto, Rotman School of Management
Veronica Montalva Contractual Inter-American Development Bank
Ekaterina Roshchina Postdoctoral Associate University of Washington-Seattle, Evans School of Public Policy
James Thomas Postdoctoral Associate Yale University
Takuya Ura Assistant Professor of Economics University of California, Davis
Ashley Vissing Postdoctoral Associate University of Chicago
Yang Yu Assistant Professor Shanghai University of Finance and Economics
Yichong Zhang Assistant Professor Singapore Management University
Name Position Institution
Merve Akbas Behavioral Scientist Morningstar
Jared Ashworth Assistant Professor, Economics Pepperdine University
David Bielen Energy and Environmental Policy Analyst National Renewable Energy Laboratory
Irving De Lira Salvatierra Adjunct General Director Mexican Ministry of Finance
Marie Hull Assistant Professor, Economics UNC Greensboro
Li Song (Nixon) Li Economist Amazon
Ying Li Associate Cornerstone Research
Lily Liu Financial Economist Boston Federal Reserve Bank
Joe Mazur Assistant Professor, Economics Purdue University
Tyler Ransom Postdoctoral Associate, SSRI Duke University
Rosen Valchev Assistant Professor, Economics Boston College
Name Position Institution
Ryan Brown Assistant Professor, Economics UC Denver
Gabriela Farfan Textended Term Consultant Development Research Group, World Bank
Felix Feng Assistant Professor, Economics University of Notre Dame 
Domenico Ferraro Assistant Professor, Economics Arizona State University
Kristoph Kleiner Assistant Professor, Finance Indiana University, Kelly School of Business
Chung-Ying Lee Assistant Professor National Taiwan University
Lala Ma Assistant Professor, Economics University of Kentucky
Dong Hwan Oh Assistant Professor, Economics Federal Reserve Board
Deborah Rho Assistant Professor University of St. Thomas
Teresa Romano Assistant Professor Goucher College
Yair Taylor U.S. Department of Justice
Chutima Tontarawongsa Senior Economist Siam Commercial Bank
Andrea Velasquez Assistant Professor, Economics UC Denver
Erik Vogt Economist Federal Reserve Bank of New York
Wenjing Wang Research Associate Moody's Analytics
Lai Xu Assistant Professor, Finance Syracuse University
Name Position Institution
Correa Alvaro Assistant Professor Charles III University of Madrid
Emily Lynch Anderson Data Scientist CoreComplete, LLC
Jonas Arias Economist Federal Reserve Board
Benjamin Carlston Assistant Professor University of the Pacific, Eberhandt School of Business
Patrick Coate Postdoctoral Associate University of Michigan, Population Center
Michael Dalton Research Economist Bureau of Labor Statistics
Christopher Geissler Economist ISO New England
Songman Kang Assistant Professor Hanyang University
Peter Landry Assistant Professor University of Toronto, Rotman School of Management
Kai Li Assistant Professor Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
Zhengzi (Sophia) Li Assistant Professor Michigan State University, Broad College of Business
Marcelo Ochoa Economist Federal Reserve Board
Mehmet Ozsoy Assistant Professor Ozyegin University
Evan Peet Postdoctoral Associate Harvard School of Public Health
Kalina Staub Lecturer University of Toronto-Mississauga
Sergiu Ungureanu Lecturer City University London
Name Position Institution
Eric Aldrich Assistant Professor UC Santa Cruz
Esteban Aucejo Lecturer London School of Economics
Jeremy Chiu Economist Bank of England
Alex Groves Postdoctoral Associate European Center for Advanced Research in Economics and Statistics
Iaryna Grynkiv Quantitative Associate Barclay's Capital
Kristin Johnson Research Manager Harvard Business School
Edward Kung Assistant Professor UCLA
Tatyana Kuzmenko Visiting Associate Professor College of William and Mary
Daniel Lafave Assistant Professor Colby College
Kyle Mangum Assistant Professor Georgia State University
Ralph Mastromonaco Assistant Professor University of Oregon
Barry Rafferty Lecturer University of Melbourne
Name Position Institution
Elliot Anenberg Economist Federal Reserve Board of Governors
Christoph Bauner Post-doc University of Massachusetts, Amherst
Marcus Casey Assistant Professor University of Illinois, Chicago
John Clithero Post-doc California Institute of Technology
Bruno Veunou Senior Analyst Bank of Canada
Andrew Foerster   Kansas City Federal Reserve Bank
Aurel Hizmo Assistant Professor NYU, Stern School of Business
Jon James Research Economist Cleveland Federal Reserve Bank
Tae Bong Kim Research Fellow Korea Development Institute
Scott Lustic VP in Decision Management Citicards
Erika Martinez Assistant Professor University of South Florida
Arnaud Maurel Assistant Professor Duke University
Nujin Prasertsom Post-doc ETH-Zurich
Michiru Sakane Assistant Professor Sophia University, Tokyo
Hernan Seoane Assistant Professor Universidad Carlos Ill de Madrid
Beia Spiller Post-doc Research Fellow Resources for the Future
Béla Személy Post-doc Associate and Lecturer Boston University
Alexandra Tabova Economist Federal Reserve Board of Governors
Justin Valasek Post-doc European Economic Institute (Florence)
Emily Wang Assistant Professor University of Massachusetts, Amherst
Name Position Institution
Jason Blevins Assistant Professor The Ohio State University
Angelo Marsiglia-Fasolo Analyst Central Bank of Brazil
Roberto Pancrazi Assistant Professor Toulouse School of Economics
Marija Vukotic Research Economist Bank of France
Nurgul Ukueva Visiting Assistant Professor Old Dominion University
Sarah Zubairy Senior Analyst Bank of Canada
Name Position Institution
Andrew Beauchamp Assistant Professor Boston College
Ralph Boleslavsky Assistant Professor University of Miami
Javier Garcia Cicco Economist Central Bank of Chile
Tongyai Iyavarakul Economist Office of the Prime Minister of Thailand
Silvana Krasteva Assistant Professor Texas A&M University
Ivan Shaliastovich Assistant Professor Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania
Natalisa Sizova Assistant Professor Rice University
Liad Wagman Assistant Professor Illinois Institute of Technology
Yang Wang Assistant Professor Lafayette College
Name Position Institution
Padmaja Ayyagari Assistant Professor University of Iowa
Kelly Bishop Assistant Professor Washington University in St. Louis
Jeremy Burke Associate Economist RAND Corporation
Dong Chen Assistant Professor University of Baltimore
Patrick Dudley Senior Economist U.S. Government Accountability Office
Stephen Finger Assistant Professor University of South Carolina
Stephanie Houghton Assistant Professor Texas A&M University
Anna Kormilitsina Assistant Professor Southern Methodist University
Kata Mihaly Associate Economist RAND Corporation
Alvin Murphy Assistant Professor Washington University in St. Louis
Nathan Anil Assistant Professor College of the Holy Cross
Denis Nekipelov Assistant Professor UC Berkeley
Anamaria Pieschacon Acting Assistant Professor Stanford University
Nelson Sa Assistant Professor Vassar College
Name Position Institution
Florin Dorobantu Associate The Brattle Group
Pedro Duarte Postdoctoral Fellow The University of Sao Paulo
Xin Huang Assistant Professor University of Oklahoma
Joshua Kinsler Assistant Professor University of Rochester
Nataliya Khmilevska Senior Associate Lehman Brothers
Shanjun Li Assistant Professor State University of New York at Stony Brook
Xuan Liu Assistant Professor East Carolina University
Omari Swinton Assistant Professor Howard University
Viktor Todorov Assistant Professor Kellog School of Management, Northwestern University
Duy Tran Lecturer The University of Western Australia
Name Position Institution
Jane Cooley Assistant Professor University of Wisconsin-Madison
Maxym Dedov Quantitative Researcher Citadel Investment Group
Natalie Goodpaster Consultant Analysis Group, Inc.
Andrew Hussey Assistant Professor University of Memphis
Jinhan Jung Senior Researcher Korea Information Strategy Development Institute
Dana Kiku Assistant Professor University of Pennsylvania, Wharton School of Business
Nataliya Kuribko Research Associate Cornerstone Research
Kyoobok Lee Research Fellow Korea Institute of Finance
Renzo Massari Research Economist ERS Group
Alessandro Palandri Assistant Professor University of Warwick
Martin Salm Associate Professor Tilburg University
Kotaro Yoshida Assistant Professor

Albion College

Wei Zheng Investment Manager New York Asset Management Fund
Name Position Institution
Jeremy Ascher Equity Derivatives Trader Group One Trading, LP
Haofei Chen Senior Vice President China International Capital Corporation
Hong Leng Chuah Director, Asia & Emerging Markets Active Equities BlackRock
Huayu Fang Quantitative Research Analyst Numeric Investors
Ming Guo Assistant Professor Shanghai Advanced Institute of Finance
Michael Hoffman Economist Center for Economics, U.S.Government Accoutnability Office
Daniel Hungerman Assistant Professor University of Notre Dame
Bo Jiang Assistant Professor The Chinese University of Hong Kong
Chi Leng  Managing Economist Nathan Associates, Inc.
Sandra Lizarazo Assistant Professor Instituto Tecnologico Autonomo de Mexico
Oksana Loginova Assistant Professor University of Missouri
Cathleen McHugh Research Analyst/Field Representative Center for Naval Analysis
Maria PiaOlivero Assistant Professor Drexel University
Lijing Ouyang Researcher Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Stephen Ryan Assistant Professor Massachussetts Institute of Technology
Joanna Vinluan Tobiason Associate Cornerstone Research
Jingshu Wang Health Economist Merck Research Laboratories
Jianguo Xu Assistant Professor McGill University
Hanwook Yoo Economist Korean Development Institute
Name Position Institution
Bentley Coffey Assistant Professor Clemson University
C. Allan Bester Assistant Professor University of Chicago, Graduate School of Business
Cristina Arellano Senior Economist The Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis
Derek Brown Economist Research Triangle Institute
Julia Litvinova Consultant The Brattle Group
Justin Trogdon Health Economist Research Triangle Institute
Varoujan Khatchatrian Senior Quantitative Analyst State Street