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Staff at the Economics Center for Teaching (EcoTeach) optimize student experiences by providing educational guidance, helping them navigate transitions within and beyond the department. Students can visit their respective program assistants to ask questions related to courses, program requirements and processes, EcoTeach-funded positions, and any university resources they may require.

Location: Social Sciences 138
Hours: Monday - Friday, 9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

EcoTeach Center Resources & Services for ...

Ph.D. students come to EcoTeach for a variety of services. The office is a resource for prospective students, current students, and alumni. Beginning with admission and an orientation program, the EcoTeach office guides the Ph.D. student through the degree program, providing assistance with:

  • Advising 
  • Payroll
  • Liaison with the DGS
  • Job market preparation

Students can review their student records and receive guidance for both course and career choices. The EcoTeach office further encourages students' scholarly and professional development by organizing work opportunities as teaching assistants, research assistants, graduate assistants, graders, and tutors within the department, providing information on fellowship opportunities for continuing students, and overseeing the distribution of awards to support travel and data purchases.

EcoTeach strives to provide our Ph.D. students with the resources to successfully navigate the program, prepare for the job market, and obtain employment in the best economics research and teaching positions worldwide.

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Master’s students, including prospective, current, and alumni, visit EcoTeach for answers to all administrative and academic matters in support of successful completion of their degree requirements. EcoTeach staff help with:

  • Degree progression tracking
  • Research and instructional assistant assignments
  • Administrative issues such as: orientation, admissions, financial aid, course registration, graduation completion exercises, and payroll

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EcoTeach offers undergraduates academic advising to establish a coherent course of study in economics, thereby ensuring that students complete degree requirements in a timely manner. Undergraduates are encouraged to transition from consumers of economics research to active participants. To that aim, EcoTeach faculty and staff have implemented an initiative that includes research-focused field classes and senior research seminars that encourage the interchange of ideas, problems, and strategies among undergraduates and faculty in an environment similar to that which exists amongst graduate students and their advisors. Undergraduate students who complete an honors thesis are invited to the annual Undergraduate Research Symposium and ESU (Economics Student Union) Honors Poster Session. Senior theses are also published in the DJE (Duke Journal of Economics). EcoTeach also organizes the Allen Starling Johnson, Jr. Distinguished Lecturer Series, which brings financial and political insiders to campus to discuss relevant topics in economics with undergraduates.

The EcoTeach office also provides assistance with:

  • Degree progression tracking
  • Registration issues
  • Collaboration with the ESU
  • Honors theses
  • Undergraduate research
  • Payroll

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