Duke Economics is a department focused on a distinctive intellectual vision of the discipline: one that combines methodological rigor with intellectual breadth and diversity — and an insistence on real-world relevance. Our faculty and students operate in a flourishing intellectual climate that fosters the integration of activities across disciplines and sub-disciplines, across theory and empirical work, across teaching and research, and across units within the university and the larger Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill Research Triangle.

Research Fields

Our faculty's research interests are diverse and intellectually broad, but they overlap in unique ways across different sub-disciplines because of the shared interest in applying theoretically sound analysis to important applied research questions.


Economic Research Initiatives @ Duke

Economic Research Initiatives at Duke (ERID) represents our broad research vision to establish Duke Economics as a prominent leader for cutting-edge economic research. ERID seeks to cast a wide net across typical fields and disciplines in coordinating a visiting lecture program and sponsoring conferences such as its popular Young Economists Jamborees.

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Working Papers

The ERID Working Paper Series, hosted on the Social Science Research Network, is the active working paper series for Duke Economics.

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Duke Financial Economics Center (DFE)

The DFE has a global, interdisciplinary approach to issues and applications of finance in today's world, with an eye to both educational and career opportunities. The DFE's goals are to broaden the range of finance courses and research opportunities offered to Duke students, to continue hiring world-renowned faculty in financial economics, and to increase options for active engagement between Duke students, faculty, and alumni.

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Duke Center for the History of Political Economy (HOPE)

The HOPE Center is an interdisciplinary effort supporting research and scholarship in the history of economics. While its home is in economics, the Center draws intellectual vitality from scholarship in related fields such as political science, philosophy, history of science, and intellectual history more broadly. The Center sponsors visiting scholars and postdoctoral fellows working on the history of political economy, as well as conferences, lecture series, and an annual summer institute.

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