Woodman Scholars

Wayne Woodman, our alum whose support has been instrumental in launching the DEAL

All undergraduates, including first years, are eligible to be a Woodman Scholar. It is not necessary to be an economics major. The most important attributes are the desire to develop research and analytical skills, a keen interest in exploring research in economics (broadly defined), and a commitment to devote regular time to our research program for at least one semester.

Interest in and some familiarity with coding is likely to be an asset, as is taking an econometrics or data science class such as ECON 204. However, we emphasize that all students interested in research in economics, as well as in the behavioral, health, and social sciences more broadly, are encouraged to consider participating in DEAL research.

We have several models of participation, including compensation on an hourly basis in accordance with Duke rules and potential opportunities to earn course credit.

Tasks & Projects

Woodman Scholars will have the opportunity to be engaged in every aspect of the research production function, with tasks matched based on interests and skills of the students. Activities will include, for example:

  • Data management and quality control including coding, documenting code, and assuring replicability;
  • Data collection including identifying sources, retrieving data, preparing instruments, coding instruments, and cross-validating data;
  • Data analyses including estimation of econometric models and using machine learning;
  • Reviews of existing literature;
  • Preparation and review of manuscripts and replication data files.

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Application Process

Applications are accepted throughout the year. Only current undergraduates studying on campus are eligible. You will be asked to relay your goals and expectations, submit your resume and transcript, and report your faculty and field preferences, coding and research experience, and work study eligibility.

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