Major Declaration & Registration

Major Declaration & Registration Eligibility

Trinity School of Arts and Sciences students must declare a major by the end of their fourth semester at Duke, following the declaration guidelines established by the Academic Advising Center. Engineering students should consult with their faculty advisor for information on declaring an economics major or minor.

New Major Orientation

The Department of Economics hosts an online orientation for all new first majors via Sakai. Students will watch videos and learn essential information about the basic elements of the major as well as the resources and opportunities available them. New Major Orientation also provides the only gateway into the department's advising system, so new majors will not be able to attend open advising until they complete the orientation. In years past the department has conducted evening information sessions for New Major Orientation. Students who already have attended a session do not need to complete the New Major Orientation on Sakai. Second majors are welcome but not required to complete New Major Orientation.


Log in to Sakai and open the "Econ Major Orientation" workspace to watch the videos and take the quiz. In order to be cleared to register at open advising, you must score an 80 percent or higher on the quiz. Please let the undergraduate program assistant know if you have any questions or concerns. 

Open Advising

Once students have completed New Major Orientation, they are eligible for advising in the EcoTeach Center.

See Advising


Students registering for economics courses must follow the guidelines and registration windows established each term by the University Registrar's Office. EcoTeach cannot guarantee enrollment, but students who are put on a waitlist should remain on the waitlist to indicate to EcoTeach their desire for course entrance. EcoTeach will save all waitlists prior to their erasure at 5:00 p.m. on the last day of the first week of drop/add, at which time all courses revert to permission only.  

AP/IB Credit & Course Placement

There are two courses that incoming freshmen may be eligible to take at Duke:

ECON 101 Economic Principles

This is an introductory economics course that covers basic concepts in both microeconomics and macroeconomics. ECON 101 is taught at a level that assumes no prior coursework in economics. All Duke students are eligible to take this course, and there are no prerequisites.

ECON 201D Intermediate Microeconomics I

This is an intermediate-level microeconomics course that assumes some background in economics and calculus. Prerequisites for this course include ECON 21 and ECON 22, or ECON 101; and MATH 21 (credit for MATH 21 is given to students who have scored 5 in AP Math AB or 3, 4, or 5 in AP Math BC). The Department of Economics will grant the following AP credit, based on a score of 4 or 5 on the Advanced Placement test:

  • AP Principles of Macroeconomics = ECON 21
  • AP Principles of Microeconomics = ECON 22

Students who have credit for both ECON 21 and ECON 22 may use that credit to fulfill ECON 101, Principles of Economics. Students who successfully complete A-levels in economics may also receive credit for ECON 101.

The Department of Economics also recognizes various international standardized examinations in place of AP exams. Please see Trinity's academic policies for more information on how these alternative examinations transfer relative to AP examinations.

If you do not fulfill all of the prerequisites required for ECON 201D, you should enroll in ECON 101.

  1. We cannot permit students who have taken AP-“style” economics courses, but have not taken and passed the official AP exams, to take ECON 201D, regardless of the grade that they may have earned in those courses. If you have not taken and passed both of the official AP Micro and AP Macro exams to the required standard, you must first enroll in ECON 101 before taking ECON 201D. There are no exceptions. 
  2. The same applies to AP-“style” math courses. The only exception in the case of mathematics is if the director of undergraduate studies (DUS) in the Department of Mathematics verifies that you have achieved proficiency in MATH 21 or higher. This verification must be submitted by email from the DUS in the Department of Mathematics to the DUS in the Department of Economics. 

Prerequisites and course registration for students wishing to enroll in Econ 201D:

  1. Students whose AP scores are of a satisfactory level, and already have credit for ECON 21 and ECON 22 in their Duke academic history in DukeHub, should be able to enroll directly in ECON 201D. 
  2. Students who have taken all of the requisite AP exams, but do not yet have credit for ECON 21 and ECON 22 on their Duke academic history in DukeHub, are requested to wait until those scores are available and have been incorporated into their Duke record before attempting to enroll in ECON 201D. The Department of Economics will always permit ALL students who have the prerequisites and wish to enroll in ECON 201D to do so up until the end of the first week of classes, even if this means expanding the class size to meet demand. There is no reason to be concerned that the course will fill up while you wait for your AP scores/transfer credit to be recognized by Duke.

Pre-Requisite Enforcement & Overrides

Pre-requisites on all ECON courses are enforced through DukeHub.  Students seeking entrance to a course without the necessary pre-requisites must contact the course instructor. Students who experience problems while registering for economics core courses (ECON 101, 201D, 205D, 210D, and 208D) should contact EcoTeach rather than the course instructor.

Schedules & Descriptions