As we launch the DEAL, projects are regularly being added to this list; most but not all projects are currently hiring.

Peter Arcidiacono:

  • “Bias in Covering the News: What Gets Categorized as Fake News Across the Political Spectrum?” 
  • “Race and the Media: How Major Newspapers Report Race of the Victim and Race of the Perpetrator” 

Bocar Ba:

  • "Evaluating Police Alternatives" 
  • "Social Movement and Corporate Opportunities"

Jason Baron:

  • “Deriving Teacher Value-Added Estimates from Item-Level Test Scores”

Michelle Connolly:

  • “Impact of Municipal and Cooperative Internet Provision on Broadband Entry and Competition” 

Jeff DeSimone:

  • "Behavioral & Health Effects of the Minimum Legal Drinking Age: Regression Discontinuity Analysis"
  • "Effects of Ignition Interlock Laws on DUI Incidence, Arrests, and Deaths"
  • "Gun Policy, Gun Ownership, Mass Shootings, and Gun-Related Deaths"

Rachel Kranton:

  • ”COVID-19: productivity and mental health” (with Duncan Thomas)
  • “The Effect of Economic Settings on Social Perceptions: experimental Investigations”

Matt Masten:

  • “Nonlinear Optimization in a Treatment Assignment Problem”

Ellen Meade:

  • "Was the fall in interest rates in mid-1981 an intentional loosening of policy by the Fed in order to support economic activity and employment? A narrative approach"

Michael Pollmann:

  • “Testing new estimators across empirically-relevant settings” 

Jimmy Roberts:

  • "Detecting and Preventing Medicare Fraud" 

Duncan Thomas:

  • "Immediate and Longer-Term Effects of Large Scale Natural Disasters" 

Pengpeng Xiao:

  • “Gender gaps in the labor market and within the family”
  • “Structural models of job search”

Daniel Yi Xu:

  • “Cell phone technology adoption in emerging and developing economies: income, infrastructure, and strategic entry” 
  • “Public R&D and place-based policy”