Duke Financial Economics Center

The Duke Financial Economics Center (DFE) is a leader in the field of financial education, serving hundreds of Duke students each year. We leverage Duke University's renowned liberal arts curriculum and world-class faculty through teaching, research, innovative programming, and alumni engagement. A core objective of the DFE is to empower all Duke undergraduates, regardless of academic focus, to enter finance careers uniquely prepared to succeed.



In a typical academic year, DFE offers 30+ finance courses in the Economics Department. These courses can count towards a finance minor, designed for non-economics majors, or a finance concentration for economics majors. Introductory courses are open to undergraduates from any major within the liberal arts curriculum.


DFE’s research faculty are on the leading edge of scholarship in financial economics and econometrics. DFE Research Director Tim Bollerslev, 2018 winner of the distinguished Carlsburg Foundation Research Prize, is the most cited economist at Duke and one of the most cited economists in the world. 


DFE organizes a range of activities for helping Duke undergraduates hone practical skills, from finance competitions to mock interviews. We work with industry partners and other campus organizations to deliver programming that educates students and introduces them to the extensive network of alumni in finance.

Advising and Mentoring

DFE’s Eichel Finance Advising Network supports one-on-one and small-group advising and mentoring opportunities for Duke undergraduates. DFE faculty advise hundreds of students each semester on academics, career pathways, interview preparation, and networking.

Study Away Opportunities

Students learn about finance in context on our Duke in New York and London programs, which blend finance courses with site visits to firms, interaction with alumni, and cultural activities.