About the DFE

The Duke Financial Economics Center (DFE) seeks to empower Duke undergrads of all majors with finance education, skills training, and networking opportunities for success in finance careers. Established in 2010 under the directorship of Professor Emma Rasiel and Duke alumnus/Wall Street veteran John Caccavale, the DFE has a curricular focus while also offering extracurricular programming.

The DFE Serves Students by:
  • Expanding the number of finance courses offered in the Economics Department while maintaining core liberal arts values
  • Preparing students for internship and full-time job opportunities
  • Offering greater exposure to and interaction with finance practitioners
  • Providing a competitive edge in the job market through extracurricular training activities
The DFE Serves Duke University by:
  • Making contributions to the core liberal arts curriculum in the area of financial education
  • Attracting prospective students and faculty with diverse course offerings and programs, which promote learning across majors
 The DFE Serves Alumni by:
  • Facilitating connections, such as mentorships, with Duke students
  • Being a resource for partnered projects
The DFE Serves Faculty by:
  • Working with the Economics Department to maintain a core group of finance-focused professors and executives in residence
  • Promoting innovative research in financial economics
The DFE Serves the Career Center by:
  • Partnering to develop and expand the employer base via engagement programs
  • Expanding the capacity to advise and counsel students interested in careers in finance