About DFE

The Duke Financial Economics Center (DFE) seeks to

  • empower Duke undergrads of all majors with finance education, skills training, and networking opportunities for success in finance careers.
  • support leading edge research in financial economics and econometrics by maintaining a core group of distinguished research faculty.

DFE was established in 2010 under the directorship of Richard Y. Li Professor of the Practice Emma Rasiel and Duke alumnus and Wall Street veteran John Caccavale. DFE's research faculty is headed by Research Director and Juanita & Clifton Kreps Professor of Economics Tim Bollerslev.

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Empower all Duke undergraduates, regardless of academic focus, to gain a foundational understanding of finance and enter finance careers uniquely prepared to succeed.


By leveraging Duke University’s renowned liberal arts curriculum, world-class faculty, and expansive network of alumni, parents, and industry partners, the Duke Financial Economics Center seeks to be a leader in the field of financial economics education through its pedagogical approach, co-curricular experiences, and innovative research.


Research Director: Tim Bollerslev, Juanita & Clifton Kreps Professor of Economics
Executive Director: John Caccavale, Executive in Residence
Teaching Director: Emma Rasiel, Richard Y. Li Professor of the Practice of Economics


Tim Bollerslev, Juanita & Clifton Kreps Professor of Economics
Connel Fullenkamp, Professor of the Practice of Economics
Grace Kim, Associate Professor of the Practice of Economics
Lawrence Kreicher, Associate Professor of the Practice of Economics
Jimmie Lenz, Irene & Frank Salerno Visiting Professor in Financial Economics
Aino Levonmaa, Assistant Professor of the Practice of Economics
Andrew Patton, Zelter Family Professor of Economics
Emma Rasiel, Richard Y. Li Professor of the Practice of Economics
Lee Reiners, Lecturing Fellow of Economics
George Tauchen, William Henry Glasson Professor of Economics

Executives in Residence

John Caccavale
Marilyn Ceci
John Forlines III
Linsey L. Hughes
Urban Larson
Diana Propper de Callejon
Jason Scott
Chris Wedding


Steve Columbaro
Kevin Ryan
Ben Thomason


Tamara Burns, Staff Assistant
Roark McLean, Program Coordinator
Jennifer Valentyn, Program Coordinator, Sr.

The members of DFE's Steering Committee 

  • Provide counsel, valuable insights, and diverse perspectives to DFE leadership on significant matters affecting the direction of the center.
  • Facilitate engagement with finance professionals who could become resources for students and faculty.
  • Aid in setting goals and strategy for successful DFE fundraising.
Current Steering Committee Members

Chair: Craig Silberberg '99, A.M. '01
Paula Arrojo '92
Will Boeckman '14
Ryan Buxbaum '15 
Gillis Cashman '97
Mike Castleforte '04 
Andrew Cooper '92
Joe Delgado '93, P'23
Kirsten Alexander Dzialga '93, P'23
Ya Fang '17
Brandon Foreman '19
Andrew Freeman '95
Blake Goodner '96
Jennifer Garand Goronkin '16
Tom Hoops '86, P'24
Daniel Kapnick '08
Richard Li '11
Eric Little '21
Ed Maier '96
Cindy Machen Marrs '84, P'25
Chuck McMullan '97
Derek McNulty '90
Jack Melnikoff '92
Olivia Nagpal '20
Kenny Osakwe '12
Danny O'Shaughnessy '89, P'23
Judy Wagoner Pahren '84, P'21, P'25
Mitchell Parekh '19
Rich Parisi '96
Warren Rabin M.B.A. '01
Ari Redbord '97
Robert Sharp P'21
Nick Silvers '98
Satvinder Singh P'20, P'22
Monique Barrios Taylor '12
Ashi Varia '98
Victoria Wong '19
Danny Wrublin '03


Student Advisory Committee

DFE maintains a student advisory committee of Duke undergraduates. Meeting on a monthly basis, the committee provides a student perspective on current DFE programs, including how they can be enhanced and effectively promoted to have the widest possible reach. In addition, the input of the Student Advisory Committee is crucial in developing new DFE programming that is responsive to students’ evolving needs in their pursuit of finance education and careers. The members of the committee have all been active participants in DFE programs.

2023-2024 DFE Student Advisory Committee Members

Clare Abboud '24
Chase Barclay '24
Connor Booher '24
Ashley Chaionn '25
Valerie Deligiannis '24
Adrianna DeLorenzo '24
Vipul Nadimpalli '26
Cj Nagle '25
Blair Spencer '24
Amulya Vatsavai '25
Dilys Wang '24
Nate Xiao '25

DFE Student Ambassador

Christian Knight '24 is DFE's Student Ambassador in the 2023-2024 school year. As such, she assists the center with special projects and represents DFE at campus events.