Dzialga Women in Finance Initiative

In 2018, the Duke Financial Economics Center (DFE) launched the Women in Finance Initiative, made possible by the Kirsten Alexander Dzialga ’93 Fund. The goal of this initiative is to empower women interested in finance with mentoring, skills training, faculty advising, and networking opportunities. Dzialga Fellows are engaged in activities throughout their sophomore year that help them explore careers in finance and prepare for summer internships, including

  • Guest speaker sessions covering a variety of finance topics
  • Advising from DFE faculty
  • Guidance through the internship recruiting process
  • Mentoring by young alumnae professionals
  • A trip to New York over fall break to visit major banks, advisory firms, and private equity firms
  • Skill development sessions on giving presentations, networking, and getting the most from the internship experience

Sophomore Dzialga Fellows also take the fall semester course ECON 256 Practical Financial Markets, in which they learn the foundational concepts and technical skills required for careers in the financial markets.

The Dzialga Women in Finance Initiative continues to engage fellows beyond their sophomore year, including those who choose to pursue alternative careers. Overall, the initiative offers Duke women the opportunity to develop their individual strengths within a supportive cohort.

If you are a first-year woman (Class of 2024) interested in the Dzialga Initiative, sign up for the DFE Email List to receive notifications about finance events and opportunities on campus. The application for the initiative will be available in February 2021 and advertised via the email list.

    Current Dzialga Fellows

    Victoria Bevard '21
    Karen Chen '22
    Kimberly DelSignore '21
    Sophie Elliott '21
    Courtney Frauen '21
    Anna Jiang '22
    JJ Jiang '22
    Amanda Kang '22
    Phoebe Klett '21
    Rachel Ma '22
    Sneha Mehrotra '21
    Samaya Pattim '22
    Erica Wang '21
    Xin Wang '21
    Cindy Wang '21
    Gracy Whitaker '22
    Rebecca Williamson '22
    Devon Wolfe '22
    Vivian Yuan '21
    Sarah Zhao '22
    Caroline Carey '23
    Helen Chen '23
    Kendall Dees '23
    Emma Frankstein '23
    Carly Grossfield '23
    Ligia Landow '23
    Kaitlyn Luo '23
    Abigail Ullendorff '23
    Alice Wu '23
    Ivy Zhang '23