Lunch & Learn Program

The DFE Lunch & Learn program is designed for Duke alumni and supporters to engage with a small group of students (18-22) over an informal lunch. The aim is to educate students about key finance concepts, diverse career trajectories, and roles in the financial markets so they can make informed decisions about pursuing the finance career path.

Lunch & learn sessions are a forum for students to ask questions and engage in deeper conversations with alumni who are interested in mentoring and providing a candid perspective. They are not primarily intended for recruiting purposes.

Lunch & learns typically run 60-90 minutes. The content is entirely up to the host. Common topics include, but are not limited to:

  1. the host's career path (perhaps highlighting that there are many paths to a finance career, if applicable)
  2. the host's role at his or her current firm and how it fits into the broader financial markets
  3. Q&A

Students interested in being invited to DFE lunch & learns should sign up for the DFE Email List. Alumni who would like to host a lunch & learn should send an email to