Subhrendu K. Pattanayak

Subhrendu K. Pattanayak

Professor in the Department of Economics

External Address: 
126 Rubenstein, Sanford School of Public Policy, Durham, NC 27708-0312
Internal Office Address: 
Box 90312, Durham, NC 27708-0312
(919) 613-9306


  • Ph.D., Duke University 1997
  • M.S., Purdue University 1992
  • B.A., St. Stephen's College, Delhi, India 1990

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Selected Grants

Examining farmer adoption of conservation agriculture in India awarded by Nature Conservancy (Mentor). 2019 to 2021

Sustainable Energy Transitions Initiative awarded by University of Gothenburg (Principal Investigator). 2016 to 2019

Subhrendu K Pattanayak with University oif Gothenburg, Sweden awarded by University of Gothenburg (Principal Investigator). 2015

Indoor Air Pollution awarded by University Research Co., LLC (Principal Investigator). 2011 to 2014

Urban Landscape Change: Linking Landscape Dynamics, Economic awarded by National Science Foundation (Co-Principal Investigator). 1999 to 2003