• Steel Mill

    Technological disruption, not trade, doomed U.S. steel jobs.

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    • allan collard-wexler
  • In the Media: Steel’s Decline Was About Technology, Not Trade
  • On Monday, GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump said he would put the nation’s coal miners and steel workers back go work. But trade and regulation had very little to do with the decline of American steel industry jobs, Professor Allan Collard-Wexler explained to NPR’s Marketplace. Read More
    • craig burnside phd orientation
  • Department Welcomes 27 New Ph.D. Students
  • As summer winds down, things here at the Department of Economics are just getting started. On Monday the Social Sciences Building opened its doors to the first batch of incoming Blue Devils: 27 Ph.D. students — five women and 22 men from all over the world. Read More

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