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Duke Financial Economics Center (DFE)

We serve as a conduit between Duke University and the financial world through teaching, research, and engagement. We have a three-part mission:

  • to facilitate finance education at Duke;
  • to engage students, faculty, and alumni with one another through curricular and extracurricular programs; and,
  • to create new opportunities for faculty research and connections between the Duke and Durham communities.

Facilitating Finance Education

The DFE continually strives to increase the number, breadth, and depth of finance courses offered through the Economics Department and maintain a core group of finance-focused faculty.

The DFE was integral in introducing the Finance Minor and Finance Concentration. The Finance Minor allows Duke’s non-economics majors to access finance education, while the Finance Concentration enables economics majors to focus their studies in financial economics.

In partnership with corporate sponsors, the DFE hosts a wide range of extracurricular undergraduate programs — from competitions to discussion groups — for students to learn more about the field of finance and network with professionals in the financial markets. Students may choose to participate in any or all of the various events regardless of major.

Engaging Students, Faculty, and Alumni

Through the DFE's three study away programs, students take courses with Duke-affiliated faculty and connect with the extensive alumni network in New York, London, and Chicago.

Additionally, the DFE regularly invites financial practitioners, who are often Duke alumni, to campus to interact with students.

We also work with finance-related student organizations on campus to improve their resources and effectiveness.

Creating New Opportunities

Duke has a long history of distinguished faculty generating cutting-edge research on financial economics. The DFE contributes to this tradition by funding new faculty positions and conferences for faculty and students.

The DFE actively brings together the Duke and Durham communities to promote and foster interdisciplinary research and create opportunities for financial education beyond Duke's campus.


DFE Program Coordinator

Mailing Address

Duke Financial Economics Center
Department of Economics
Social Sciences Building
419 Chapel Drive
Box 90097
Durham, NC  27708

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