Market Power and Public Policy

ECON 465

The purpose of antitrust laws is to control how firms attain and maintain their market position, presumably for the betterment of consumers, or at least for the benefit of society. Using a rigorous set of tools from microeconomic and game theory, this class will investigate the underpinnings of policies meant to deal with market power broadly defined, such as antitrust laws, the regulation of public utilities, the regulation of financial markets, and anti-dumping rules. Prerequisites: Economics 101 or 101D, and 201D and 205D. Instructor: Collard-Wexler


Prerequisite: Economics 101 or (Economics 21 and 22), and Economics 201D and 205D

Curriculum Codes
  • QS
  • SS
Cross-Listed As
  • PUBPOL 310
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