Duke Economics Welcomes New Cohort of Ph.D. Students

Friday, August 2, 2019
Students listening to a presentation

Classes aren’t in session yet, but on Monday, July 29th Duke Econ welcomed its new cohort of Ph.D. students for their orientation. In a change for the 2019 cohort, math camp is now a 3-week course in Summer Term II, called "Mathematics for Economists". This new format has several advantages, including allowing students to receive a grade for the class, as well as giving students more time to get used to the Ph.D. program and hopefully a stronger start for mathematics.

EcoTeach staff and Director of Graduate Studies Dr. Connel Fullenkamp were in attendance to greet students and break down how their years in the Ph.D. program will progress. “We have a great staff here to support you, and we want you to take advantage of all the resources that Duke offers,” said Fullenkamp. “We know getting a Ph.D. is a tough process, but we are here to help you navigate the process.” Students were also introduced to their teaching assistants as well as the leaders of the Economics Graduate Student Committee.

This year’s cohort is made up of 16 students.  Seven are women—44%, higher than the average of women doctoral candidates, which is 33%. Students are from the US, Turkey, China, Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan, India, and Brazil. 63% are coming in having already completed master’s degrees or graduate education from universities in the US and abroad, including Duke. Research interests include financial economics, education, behavior, health, and industrial organizations, among others.

Graduate student program coordinator Christyn Klinck is looking forward to getting to know the the new cohort of students. “EcoTeach staff have been getting ready for their arrival for months, have corresponded with most of them and even met some already who visited campus. We are excited for the year to start and to work with this new cohort.”