Alex Konik

2008 Major: Economics & Philosophy

Currently: Law Clerk, Federal Judiciary

How has being an Economics graduate from Duke helped shape your professional success?

"Understanding economics is a requirement to succeeding in law school and, more importantly, understanding how the law should function. Studying economics prior to law school gives you a huge head start."

What advice would you give students in Economics?

"Depending on what you want to do with your economics degree, you may or may not need to take the more advanced math courses. The fundamentals of economics---the intuitions, appreciation of non-obvious effects, understanding the importance of individual incentives---can all be learned without straining any math muscles. That said, if you want to go into finance, you should not shy away from the rigorous math. But don't let math scare you away from economics. Think about what classes within the major interest you the most, and how you want to use your degree."

Alex Konik
Law Clerk, Federal Judiciary