Dylan Newman

Dylan Newman

2016: Economics and History

Current Employer: Boston Consulting Group (BCG) — Miami, Florida

How has being an Economics graduate from Duke helped shape your professional success?

"The Economics program at Duke has helped me tremendously during my time at BCG. The subject matter is incredible relevant, and the elective classes also touch on relevant topics in the business world, including entrepreneurship, financial markets, and accounting. The subject matter taught in these classes, from multivariate regressions to everyday business terminology, helped me get up to speed on many aspects of the job pretty quickly.

"More so, the honors program was a great way to apply the knowledge that I learned in these core classes and apply that knowledge to real world topics. I wrote an honors thesis on determining which statistics impact transfer values of soccer players in the English Premier League with the help of Professors Kent Kimbrough and Peter Arcidiacono. These honors seminar classes were great preparation for my professional career as we had the opportunity to independently research our topics and then consistently present our analyses to our peers and faculty advisors for feedback, a model similar to the professional world. I'd highly recommend the honors program — those two classes were some of my favorite at Duke."

What advice would you give students in Economics?

"The economics program at Duke was certainly challenging, but it was absolutely rewarding. The elective classes in particular were incredibly enlightening and interesting — particularly Urban Economics and Economics of Entrepreneurship. The Thesis Program was also a great experience to pursue the intersection of my interests and Economics, and the Economics Department supported me incredibly well in the process.

"Overall, I'd highly recommend the Economics Department at Duke. I learned a great amount of subject matter, had some amazing professors, and have been incredibly well prepared for the professional world."