Erin Fletcher

2004 Major: BS, Economics; BA, Spanish and Latin American Studies

Currently: Principal Consultant and CEO, Altitude Worldwide Research — Denver, Colorado

How has being an Economics graduate from Duke helped shape your professional success?

"Economics provides a handy framework from which to view and question the world around us. Through classes in development economics, econometrics, trade, game theory, and more, my professors opened me up to myriad ways from which to analyze policy, economic growth, and behavioral change that inform the way I view the world. Professionally, studying Economics first opened doors for me to study and work abroad as a journalist in Venezuela. Following that, I was able to pursue a PhD in Economics, work as a professor of Economics, and complete a post-doc at Harvard's Kennedy School of Government. My current work as the founder of a small consulting firm combines my passions for travel and working on interesting questions while allowing me to live in Denver and make significant contributions to the ways that governments, multilateral agencies, and NGOs practice international economic development for poverty alleviation, ending gender-based violence, expanding educational and workplace opportunities for women and girls, and more. "

What advice would you give students in Economics?

"Mostly, just dream big. In some ways, economics is an extremely flexible science in that it allows for inquiry into all types of subjects--gender-based violence, education, behavior, exercise, health systems, water delivery, and so so so much more. The skills you learn in econ are widely applicable--to areas that most of us probably haven't even thought of yet--and they can be a tremendous asset as you look to build a fulfilling career in a number of fields. In other ways, economics is extremely inflexible, so also be prepared to question everything, interrogate assumptions, and take what is useful while leaving behind what does not help us to understand the world better."

Erin Fletcher
Principal Consultant and CEO, Altitude Worldwide Research