Seth Chadwell

2007: AB, Economics, Certificate in Markets & Management Studies

Currently: President, Kibo — Nashville, TN

How has being an Economics graduate from Duke helped shape your professional success?

"My econ degree from Duke was the foundation for my business career. After Duke I attended to Harvard Law. My econ studies gave me a strong compliment and analytical mindset to pair with my law degree. After leaving a large law firm to join a real estate company, my Econ background was an instant value-add, and I've been building on it every since."

What advice would you give students in Economics?

"The econ degree provides a framework that can be the foundation for so many different avenues after school. My advice: Explore those avenues, specifically those where an econ degree can be a differentiating factor from others in the field. Also: Take more math."

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President, Kibo